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This community is FRIENDS ONLY (for the most part). At the end of each month I will be locking all previous entries.
I know. I know. How unoriginal of me. A community full of goodies, and it's LOCKED.
What a shame.

But it's not hard to join.. you just simply have to click here.
That is all.

ohmygod. she has rules too!
yes. but i will state them politely.
please credit thankyou.
please leave me lovely little comments thankyou.
please lets be nice, thankyou.
yes, that is it. :D

&what you will probably find in this community.
Mostly HQ photos
Some Resources, music uploads and videos.
Tons of complete randomness.

fun links
Make a request Sorry! Currently down.
Check the memories
telltale my personal journal
if you need to mail me: themesnomatter[at]gmail[dot]com

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